The TurnKey Retirement Podcast and Newsletter, written and hosted by Parker Pursell and joined by co-hosts Sam Teague, Taylor Huff, and Joel Landon, is the must-listen podcast for forward-thinking professionals.

Designed for mid-career experts, doctors, vice presidents, and innovative entrepreneurs, this show unravels the complexities of self-directed 401ks, IRAs, and bespoke retirement investing.

Each episode and issue is packed with in-depth discussions on real estate investments, the intricacies of gold and silver markets, the potential in private equity, and prevailing economic trends. It's not just about planning for the future; it's about reshaping it. "Turnkey Retirement" empowers its audience with the knowledge and strategies needed for a financially secure and prosperous retirement.

Tune in to transform your approach to retirement, where finance meets practicality and empowerment.

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