TKRN: Vol. 03

The WWE Comes To Netflix, J.K. Rowling Learns About Bitcoin, and Bankrupt Bailout Programs.

Turnkey Retirement Newsletter: Volume 3

Hopefully, you have stuck to your New year’s resolutions thus far.

Companies like Planet Fitness bank on people not sticking to their plans as they intended to.

It’s the last evening of the month.

Let’s dive in.

Can you smell….what Netflix is cookin?

Netflix just announced a 10-year $5.1 Billion deal with the WWE.

If you have followed Netflix, they have been in a volatile swing in recent years, but this move has sent positive shockwaves to the company. (20% jump in TKO stock as the news was announced).

The CEO of Netflix stated “We can build [WWE] like we have with Formula 1 through our shoulder programming,” Sarandos said. “Now, the events themselves are the storytelling with WWE. So, this is a proven formula for us.”

Netflix is onto something.

You can dig a little deeper into the news here.

When will they learn?🤦🏽

We all remember what happened last year with Silicon Valley Bank.

Of course, the FED stepped in to help. They built a safety net called the Bank Term Funding Program which essentially is a program that loans money to banks on the brink of not being about to pay their creditors.

Well, now they are shutting it down on Mar 11, 2024. The fact that banks have used $140 Billion (with a B!) shows me that many banks are in trouble and this is a prop that will play out negatively for your cash.

You know what it doesn’t affect negatively. Gold and Silver

Might be a good opportunity to convert that dry powder into something that you can keep at your house (or a secret vault like John Wick).

Quick Reminder:

If you own an LLC, your friends in D.C. sent you a message. Read on.

It could cost you $500/day if you don’t…

See what they had to say. click here. 

He who must not be named

If you’ve had difficulty understanding the whole Bitcoin conversation over the past few years, this is the easiest explanation in cultural terms I've seen.

If you are a boomer, this will help you relate to the millennials and Gen-Z’ers.

Feeling stuck? Here’s what you do… 

If you feel stuck, then it’s time to move. We must be nimble and adapt to our environment. The same goes with our money and investing methods.

The Clown World of Finance 🤡

I knew when I printed trillions of dollars in my basement that I had messed up.

The Closing Word

“One person pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth.” Proverbs 13:7

Money can depart from you as quickly as it can come in.

Be careful who you surround yourself with.

The humble ask questions, the proud are just loud.


Parker Pursell

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