TKRN: Vol. 05

The Bubble is Ready To Burst, Peter Schiff Slings Heat, and Do You Have Social Capital?

Turnkey Retirement Newsletter: Volume 5

Did you know Americans spend over $25 Billion on Valentine’s day every year.


Cupid is cleaning up.

Let’s dive in.

Everything is fine…. breathes deeply 

Auto loans and credit card debt have hit 2008 levels of concern.

Well, we should be concerned.

People talk about bubbles and there are plenty of bubbles floating around in the market due to high levels of debt.

As you are looking to place your hard-earned money into assets, a most simple principle remains true: dive into assets that rise or hedge against inflation.

Peter Schiff musings…

Inflation is back in the news.

We're 34 months into it being "transitory". 

It seems like we've forgotten that inflation is actually built into our economy.

It's not going away.

And remember, when inflation goes down it doesn't mean the prices go down; it means the prices rise just at a slower pace.

As Peter Schiff points out in this interview with Anthony Pompliano, the Fed has done very little over their interest rate hiking sequence to actually protect us from inflation and the incoming recession.

Quick Question: 

How strong is your Social Capital?


Bonus Note: Control is fundamental in self directing your retirement.

By taking an active approach to your retirement, you are giving yourself the ability to 10x your returns and future.

The old school way tells you to not worry about it and hope it turns out ok.

The new school way provides you plenty of tools and options to take back the future you dreamed of.

The Clown World of Finance 🤡

I remember doing this to not get in trouble with my mom in school. But doesn’t hide the fact my report card came back with the facts.

America feels this report card on so many levels.

The Closing Word

Have you ever considered the things you own in life to not be your own?

If you can’t take it with you does that make you a steward of the things you have?

Our financial capital tends to take center stage in our lives and we often forget that how we steward those resources can either give us an empty or full life.

Friends, steward your resources in a way that provides you a life of significance.

A lot of joy can be found in operating in such a way.


Parker Pursell

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