TKRN: Volume 6

Higher Rates Are Here to Stay, It's Precious Metal Season, What's Next For Bitcoin, and The Clown World of Finance.

Turnkey Retirement Newsletter: Volume 6

The market is always moving.

But recent movements and key people are giving us a lot to pay attention to.

Let’s dive in.

Higher Rates here to stay: FED’s Decision pushes yet again


What’s next for Bitcoin?

As the rally has had some cold water thrown on it, what is next for Bitcoin before the halving? Some good insights portrayed as you are navigating your investments over the next couple of months in Bitcoin.

Are we in a stock market bubble?

Lots of similarities between the dotcom bubble and what’s happening today…although different.

It seems like we've forgotten that inflation is actually built into our economy.

It's not going away.

And remember, when inflation goes down it doesn't mean the prices go down; it means the prices rise just at a slower pace.

As Peter Schiff points out in this interview with Anthony Pompliano, the Fed has done very little over their interest rate hiking sequence to actually protect us from inflation and the incoming recession.


Can you measure what you don’t track? (Think Washington)


Bonus Reminder: If you have an LLC with a retirement plan or outside of one, consult your CPA’s or legal counsel to make sure you stay in compliance.

Gold is Climbing Back📈

Gold climbs back to record highs as the market awaited the FEDs decision and acted accordingly. Safe to say this is precious metals season.

The Clown World of Finance 🤡

If you wanted an easier explanation for inflation…here’s your sign.

The Closing Word

A wise person thinks a lot about death while fools think only about having a good time” - Ecclesiasties 7:4

The things we do today have an impact on our tomorrow.

We are not promised tomorrow, but how we steward our resources can have an impact well after we are gone. Ensure your actions today are in line with how you want to be remembered well after you are gone. Your resources will follow accordingly.


Parker Pursell