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Or is it the same person last year in 2023 still crushing their goals?

Either way, there is opportunity ahead for you in 2024. 

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The biggest Winners and Losers of 2023

No surprise that Tech stocks were on the rise this past year. Coinbase somehow managed to dodge all the crypto chaos, but regardless, is left standing and has positioned itself as a trusted platform amidst criticism. Nvidia is synonymous with AI. With the boom in artificial intelligence across the board, they have found themselves in a great position and left holding the silver medal from 2023.

Now those who didn’t make the cut for 2023 were utilities, vaccine makers, and agriculture.

Rapid inflation, interest rates, supply chain issues, and consumer confidence sent these spiraling downward last year.

In 2024..Get Clear With Your Money Goals.

Quick Reminder:

As you are self-directing your retirement account into various asset classes, remember that you CAN NOT directly benefit from them. Keep that investment passive. Your future self will thank you for it.

Where da’ gold at?

Gold had an exceptional year (up 13%), thanks to our friends up in Washington keeping the gas on the money printing press and rising interest rates. Where uncertainty lies, gold is a great safe haven and has been proven to be globally with banks and investors alike. 

The Clown World of Finance 🤡 

Don’t be an idiot this year. Seek advice from people who aren’t this kid. 

As you move further into 2024 carry this thought with you…

“Without vision, the people perish” - Proverbs 29:18

Have your game plan. Hold yourself accountable. And go crush it. 


Parker Pursell

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